Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's Official....

After two visits to the DMV, taking the written test, and paying all the fees....
Smog certificate (that we didn't need)...$65
2 new license...$56
Special license plate holder for the front of the car...$50
They're going to let us drive in California! =)
Can I tell you...I felt like I was 16 again. That written test was tricky! I kept thinking about how embarrassing it would be if I didn't pass, but I guessed on at least 11 of the questions (out of 36). I guess I should have read the handbook, oh well.
I also drove over both the Golden Gate bridge and the Bay bridge into Oakland, in addition to the streets of San Francisco (in our car with a stick shift) I feel like I passed my driver's test as well. =)

I thought I'd include a list of other things we've seen here in Cali you don't experience in Florida:
  • coyote and deer in the front yard
  • cactus leafs in the produce section at the grocery store
  • goats to "mow" the grass on the hills
  • sweaters & scarfs in the summer
(This picture was taken on our first day in California...fortunately it's warmed up over the last few days) I gotta say...we're lovin it though.


Jesse Acosta said...

thats cool but i have one problem and its this "sweaters & scarfs in the summer" whats up with that..

thank God i dont live in cali anymore eventhough i was too small to remember :D

Kindermary said...

Hi Abel and Jenn! Its wonderful to see how nicely you've settled in. I love the fact that you have deer in your yard and the cool beautiful :) Lots of love from the Riveron Family!

Simone said...

cactus leaves? gross. Happy to hear your lovin it in Cali.
I miss you both like crazy though.
Here's my email i forgot I was supposed to give it to Jenn a long time ago That way we wont have to publicly have a convo everytime we want to talk LOL.

love you guys.

bugs mom said...

Hey guys! I'm glad things are going well. Your place is so awesome - it looks very "homey".
It's great to be able to keep up with you on your blog - I'll be praying for you!
Michele Brewster

Simone said...

Hey there Mr. and Mrs.Garcia. Emailed you guys back the other day. Wondering how u guys are doing? Get back to me soon.

mucho love