Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hitting the Books Hard

So classes started last week and I've hit the ground running. I am registered for six classes, which although sounds like a lot is not so bad yet since one of them is a two day (8hr) class which does not occur till the last weekend in Oct. and the first weekend in Nov. I am however pushing the limit since I am taking two somewhat intense history classes. (Old Testament intro 1 and Survey of Christianity to 1517) I kind of like it better this way because the pressure forces me to stay up to date with my reading and projects.

On a different note Jenn was offered a job yesterday and will begin next week. This is a big blessing since we have heard mixed stories about the difficulties others have had in finding jobs. We continue to experience Gods blessings at every turn. We are very grateful for the prayers of our friends and family.

God has also blessed us with some new friendships most of which are couples in which the husbands surf and the wives are either pregnant or have a newborn. Which means that while Jenn gets to hang out with the ladies and the babies I get to hang with the boys and go surf.

Their is so much that we are thankful about and so much that we are loving about our new home.

We will try to keep you all up to date on all the latest as best we can but it is becoming really easy to forget in the midst of all the fun and busyness.

Talk to you all again soon.

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Jesse Acosta said...

bro thats awesome...

i start old testament in Oct here at TIU... cant wait..

let me know how it goes