Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Abel!

Shh...don't tell him I told you, but Abel turns 30 today! Please leave a comment with your birthday wishes.
Love you babe!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Abel & I love this artist's glasswork. We saw his exhibit 2 years ago at Fairchild Tropical Gardens & it amazed us. We've seen pieces in different museums & his studio at the Bellagio hotel this summer. So when we saw he had an exhibit here at the deYoung museum in San Fran we knew we had to see it. His art is amazing....I had to show you a few pics so you could see what I mean.

It was completely different than the display at the Gardens. Remember, it's all blown glass. The colors are breathtaking.
The display that resembles the Native American baskets was one of my favorites simply because it was so different than anything I'd seen before.

There was a room with many pieces layed in the ceiling- it makes you want to lay down & never get up again. It was really cool.
We were so inspired & enjoyed it so much- we are planning to visit Chihuly's hometown (Tacoma, Washington) sometime while we're in Cali. They have a glass museum with a hot shop where you can watch other glass blowers work. Chihuly also has pieces around the town in various places as well as a whole bridge filled with his art. Hope you enjoyed the slideshow! Find what inspires you and share it with us.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My New Job

Sorry I haven't updated lately. It's amazing how much time a job takes up! =)
I work for Golden Gate Regional Center which exists to help individuals with developmental disabilities and their families receive services to become more independent. It's completely different than anything I've done before so I am learning a lot, but it's mostly a paperwork position. The perks are: the office is 2 miles from our home, the schedule is very flexible, and I'll be continuing the process to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (which is my ultimate career goal, for now). Everyone is very nice and helpful and I've enjoyed getting to know them while they help me learn what I'm doing.
If nothing else, it's good to get a paycheck again!
Thanks to everyone who prayed- I believe God answered with just what I needed.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cats, You Either Lovem or You Don't

So we went over to our friends house tonight to have some homemade peach cobbler and hang out for a little bit. While we were visiting with them we somehow got to talking about cats and all the funny uniquely cat qualities and behaviors that you either love or hate about cats. Toward the end of the conversation they remembered that they had seen a funny youtube video about this verry thing, so they showed us and it was so funny and true to life that we had to share. Check the video out and then go to youtube and look up the other 2 videos this guy has. They are awesom.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hitting the Books Hard

So classes started last week and I've hit the ground running. I am registered for six classes, which although sounds like a lot is not so bad yet since one of them is a two day (8hr) class which does not occur till the last weekend in Oct. and the first weekend in Nov. I am however pushing the limit since I am taking two somewhat intense history classes. (Old Testament intro 1 and Survey of Christianity to 1517) I kind of like it better this way because the pressure forces me to stay up to date with my reading and projects.

On a different note Jenn was offered a job yesterday and will begin next week. This is a big blessing since we have heard mixed stories about the difficulties others have had in finding jobs. We continue to experience Gods blessings at every turn. We are very grateful for the prayers of our friends and family.

God has also blessed us with some new friendships most of which are couples in which the husbands surf and the wives are either pregnant or have a newborn. Which means that while Jenn gets to hang out with the ladies and the babies I get to hang with the boys and go surf.

Their is so much that we are thankful about and so much that we are loving about our new home.

We will try to keep you all up to date on all the latest as best we can but it is becoming really easy to forget in the midst of all the fun and busyness.

Talk to you all again soon.