Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My New Job

Sorry I haven't updated lately. It's amazing how much time a job takes up! =)
I work for Golden Gate Regional Center which exists to help individuals with developmental disabilities and their families receive services to become more independent. It's completely different than anything I've done before so I am learning a lot, but it's mostly a paperwork position. The perks are: the office is 2 miles from our home, the schedule is very flexible, and I'll be continuing the process to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (which is my ultimate career goal, for now). Everyone is very nice and helpful and I've enjoyed getting to know them while they help me learn what I'm doing.
If nothing else, it's good to get a paycheck again!
Thanks to everyone who prayed- I believe God answered with just what I needed.


Heather Orr said...

That is awesome!! I am praying for a job like that - it's been almost 4 weeks and still nothing!!

You both sound so HAPPY!!! I am glad you are loving it!!!

Jesse Acosta said...

congrats on the job!!! hope able is doing good in school..

God bless u guys cant wait to see u guys again

Simone said...

Man i miss you guys...=/